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I am 14. I am a big fan of Shadow the Hedgehog. My fan character is Ninja the Mantis. I also like Shadouge. another thing. i am also a fan of family guy. stewie and shadow are my favorite charactersi am from the united states of america and proud to be.i am male. and ust to have a girlfreind palk from wikia. but we brok up. :'( o _o i use firefox too. i want to get stars from these countries. united states,germany,brunei,italy,brazil,norway,luxembourg,australia,japan,and finland because there my favorite countries

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my religon is lutherine


fan of shadow.

fan of shadouge.

i hate yaoi. (sorry people who like it.im not against gay's. just don't like people making characters something there not. i kinda think some anime characters are straight and then some are gay. sonic shadow naruto sasuka goku vegeta are not gay. reasons. sonic has a wife and 2 kids. 2 shadow married sally and she devoriced him. (only in comics.) 3 naruto has a crush on sakura. 4 sasuka has a girl freind. 5 goku has a wife and kids. 6 vegeta has a wife and a kid. they have not had any atracions too each other. and are rivals. and if they did have atractions two each other they would be nice too each other. shadows son is silver i think. and i belive that his mother is rouge. because she is shadows closest freind. knuckles would be dating shade or his girl freind in the comics forgot her name. yes he is from 200 years in the future but remember shadow is imortal wich means silver is emortial. whitch means rouge died. amy would be caught up chasing sonic. maria is dead. blaze is from the future. sonic is not gay and if he was could not have a child. but trust me im not against gays. you don't like yuri. same basics with me and other Hetero type males. their are gay men and straight men and i don't think you should change their way of atractions. and another i heard you say that hating yaoi is insulting two gays. but trust me. i don't think they care. if they make fun of their them being gay then that would bother them. and again you say you don't like yuri. whitch means you are saying you hate lesbians and love gays. (lol 2nd time.) and their is so much hatred now because of this. again i don't mind if people are gay. that's how they were born. i don not wan't arguements going on my page cause i won't respond. im freinds with a yaoi fan girl sparkle. yaoi also kinda grosses me out. yaoi fangirls don't like yuri and say that it's insulting to gays too not like yaoi. although if the hate yuri whitch techinicly means they hate lesbians and love gays. me personally. am grossed by gay men kissing and junk. but don't not hate them. i just kinda get grossed by them not hate them. and that's kinda why i think it shouldn't be on hatena. hatred arguing reporting i just think we would be better off if yaoi fangirls stuck too deviantart. and if neintendo has sega make flips. they won't be happy with you sonadow fans. trust me. and people who think it will happen. just think. do you actully think in a y7 rated show they would have gay characters in it? i mean really... O_0) yuri dosent gross me out. and that is why i hate yaoi.

i have autisum.

i prefer coke over pepsi

i have a freind from japan

i am 14

my name is ty

my last name is rezac

i use firefox

i sometimes use chrome

i hate internet explorer

i am half german,scotish,english,europein,north american,iowan,georgian,american,something,something,something,indian i am also on other sites such as wikia.

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Ty Rezac






april 30th

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aspurgers and hdhd


rising starr

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drawing singing computer games

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working out games flag names computer creativity


english greek (except numbers) spanish (a little.)


i am on other sites. like wikia.

Skype darsie rezac