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mY nAmE iS sHaRoN

i Am 13 YeArs OlD

i LiVe In EnGlAnD

mY fAvE tHiNg To DrAw WoUlD PrObAbLy Be MaNgA fAcEs BeCaUsE iM qUiTe GoOd At ThAt :D

i LoVe AlL mY fLiPnOtE fRiEnDs As ThEy HaVe ReAlLy MaDe hAtEnA mEaN sOmEtHiNg To Me :)

pLeAsE cHeCk OuT mY fLiPs

AnD dOn'T fOrGeT tO aDd StArZ aNd COmMeNtS! fAvOuRiTe Me ToO

tHaNkZz Xx

lOvE bEaNiEcHic ^_^