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ugh im bored. anyway, my name is becca. im in 9th grade. my favorite food is tomatoes and turkey & mustard sandwiches. (lolwut?) i must admit that im really lazy and i play video games every day. i have 2 dogs. one is a yellow lab named rory. the other is an Australian shepherd named blue. i have a fluffy old cat named gizmo. did i mention that i love animals? (lol) i also love pokemon and mythical creatures. people say im good at drawing but i can only draw creepy monsters. huff...anywayz...i hav one sister (flipnote name: Neveon) but none of my friends are on hatena. they dont hav dsi's. (depression..) if u want to be my flipnote friend plz tell me. wat was i saying? oh yeah! to be honest, i do way too many spin-offz but does anyone really care? :P ok thats it. if u have any questions, tell me in a comment on a flipnote. mmk? mmk. byez!