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Greetings, Hatena! Sol Reaper here! I specialize in various animations, though I am nowhere near as good as the best (BOSS, Nicholas, etc.)

Random fun fact: "Sol Reaper" has a bit of Latin in it. "Sol" means "Sun" in Latin, so effectively, I am called the "Sun Reaper". I chose to use "Sol" because it sounds like "Soul". :D

    • Projects Undergoing Construction--

Sol Reaper vs. The World - Me vs. Everything

Showdown [Originally Titled "Team Sol vs. Sol Reaper"] - Team Sol faces off with their creator

    • Projects On Hold--

Shining Sun - Bit of an adventure story in the vein of TUS by BOSS

Reason: Need Moar Characters!

Don't be surprised if I make random flipnotes in-between all the planned projects as well.

IKON! We should totally do a collab! xD