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My name is Mykol Alan Cruz (MAC)←my initials.Awesome isn't it :D. Because that what's up! x) Ummm...I am also taken by Tabitha(Kitty Kat) also she is fuc.king gorgeous, she is someone to di//e for.

Last Person Texted: Tabii<3

Last Person I hugged: My lez.bian friend Denise.

Tabii, your still one of a kind. i dont think ive gone through a day without talking to you except for when it comes to the weekends & your really the last person I text each & every night. <3

My favorite people on this Earth& on Hatena:

  • Momma<3
  • Family<3
  • The Bro Scotty<3
  • Jennii Garcia(She's Too Sick)<3
  • Makayla(She maii Twin)<3
  • All my wifie's (I have way too many)<3
  • All my Bestie's(I have too many of those as well)<3
  • All my hubbie's(Don't have any of those)</3</li>
  • & all those strangers(they just think im cute) #F.ckIt


I love Music.The 3 Bands i love are Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, & iwrestledabearonce.

i Love... Techno, HOUSE Music, Scream-o, Rap, Indie, Rock, and Heavy Metal.

WOOT WOOT!!!!! d'~'b

I live in Covina,California.


If there is anything else you want to tell me just let me know & i will provide an answer #JustSaying Another thing im like a twitter freak so yeah, im on alot. Hatena im now on a lil more now because of her ^^° im not on either of them sometimes, so i take a long nap #LikeABoss :D UMMMM...I'm in need of some fun

4/20/12 <3

Last updated-7/8/12

Thank You Baby<3 ♪What is Love Love? Is It You & I? Sharin' Lips Under The Scenery Of The Bluest Sky

Now Playing: Phora ; A Song For Her <3