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Alright I'll change my profile but just to warn you I still like oranges.

Likes: Drawing, Fruit Gushers, writing, comic books (usually the gothic kind), vampires (the cool kind not the kind that sparkle), funnyness/comedy, funny people, creative people, South Park, Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez, freaky things, squishy stuff, Guitar Hero, paranormal stuff (IT EXISTS!), Happy Noodle Boy, cartoons, people who are decent to me, all movies (almost), candy, helping people in need, music, video games, Netflix, getting sick (as long as I either get to miss school or get a shot or both), the color green, That 70's Show, Full Metal Alchemist, roses, feathers (I don't know why), PB and Yay sandwitches, magnets, my i-pod (Jasper is his name and it has absolutely no thing to do with Twilight), naming inanamate objects, talking funny, people who will talk funny with me, pop (or soda as it's called in other places)(especially Sprite), ninjas

Hates: Close-minded/judgemental people, people who hate my super-best-friend, sandals with socks (though flip-flops with toe-socks are ok), being made fun of, sleep, drugs (even the legal perscription kind), math, p.e., language, most adults I know, country music, religious nuts, people telling me what to do (unless it's a drawing request), people who think they're artists but can't draw worth a crap, people trying to help me, know-it-alls/kiss-ups (teacher's pets as well), my little sisters, my dad, when my friends are sad/depressed, facebook, cell-phones (sorry people who are married to their phones- my heart belongs to my i-pod!), preppy people, sports, bringing unwanted attention to myself, being scared, needing help, crying, sharp/pointy things, getting hurt, ads/commercials (especially on youtube), satan, Disney Channel (though I still watch it- don't ask why), text talk, girly things (skirts/dresses, make-up, volley ball, ponies, the color pink, mustles on guys XD), drama, romance (though I find it cute, it discusts me), people who take anything to seriously

Holy crap that took forever...