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update, so hi all im gonna entertain you guys alright?! k so my bff's are

  • emerald
  • emerbobr
  • zehcoolelf -amigo
  • droolz
  • agent
  • ramo's
  • mcboo
  • squirt
  • t-legacy
  • colin
  • er
  • cm360 -amigo

a whole bunch of B franz i forgot. any ways my hobbies are


making flips,basketball,dancing,farting,games,walking,running,sleepovers,

and more

em i single yeah! but i like being called a virgin so no u may not

do i like making flips? no why would i wanna do that!?!

em i a christian? yeah!

do i like temperatures? indeed i do i like being hot both ways

em i a male female ??? im a male

my secret,when ever i wake up the first thing i do in the morning is go on hatena allways

my favorite coler is pink

i dont have a best friend in real life

my goals are

1000 stars on a flip ,achieved

10000 stars on a flip ,achieved

red star ,achieved

blue star ,achieved

500 fans ,achieved

1000 fans before my 1 year anniversary

2000 fans

5000 fans

10000 fans

getting faved by Anthony

making 100 flips

1000000 stars

people using my vest i all ready have like 3-4 people using my out fit so if people maybe trying my style and put the vest on which thats one of the main parts besides the red mark than i might be what happend to squirt

anyways goals are gonna be tough but i believe i can do this so i wont be updating in tell i get my goals achieved so yeah bye.


Games liked poop / poop