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Yet another update: well my dsi works now, the screen iz still cracked but that problem was easily fixed with a little bit of clear tape. :)

My icon contest will be ending in one week from today.

Hi i'm silver_x (silva_x) . If your reading this your awesome because no one ever does. XD

Things that you should know about me:

I like to draw sonic, play video games,listen to music, and sing. I'm a sonic fan (i lke the video games,comics,and sonic x, but not a big fan of sonic action figs), I cant wait for sonic colors to come out (it's going to be epic) and well actuly thats pretty much it. lol thx 4 reading this randomness. XD

News Update:

I will post a flipnote music video soon (the one with my avatar in it),I will post my RPG soon (read the description of the flipnote with the emerald on it), and also I'll be posting my new remake of my sonic/mario series soonish,(probaly will take some time though) i hope you like my newest flips and comment on them like crazy.=) btw your nao super awesome for reading this.