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my name is Michael im 14 yrs old african american and am trained in martial arts and no longer have any formal training so now i individually train myself

now im going to set goals for maself flipnote wise

10,000 stars (reached)

20,000 stars (reached)

30,000 stars (reached)

40,000 stars (finally)

50,000 stars (close)

new goal 100,000 stars(not even close like 47%)

100 comments (reached)

250 comments (reached)Q(oFTo)g

300 comments (Quite reached my friend) oFTo

400 comments (not yet)

500 comments (not yet)

30 flipnote posts (reached and membership obtained)

60 flipnote posts (Reached)

90 flipnote posts (almost )

20 fav's (Reached)

40 fav's (Reached)

60 fav's (2 more )

it seems like ever since hatena made some changes to the website i have a less likely chance to get popular than i did before and frankly that's an oober freakin letdown anywho i have around 11 flipnote friends Sabrinalon, Matsune, Sammi, will&mad, nightfire, ikusuname (i call her iku-senpai)Adrian, tok-on, bloodrain, yamiko, angel,