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i'm just your average human worm baby ... or not ...

I'm a irken who crashed here after i was hunted by the tallest after finding out their secret (if u keep a watch on my channel you will know soon) and i was called a traitor by my people after impending doom 1. so here i am i have 3 bases one in the moon (my main base) one in the sky called the sky box and a house down on earth.

i think my art has gotten better sense i got here so bear with me.

a shout out to Karma for the name!

to anyone who cares my favorite number is zero therefore my id is six minus six.

WHOOP! my highest ranking i've ever got is #764.


゙(゚、 。 7

 l、゙ ~ヽ

 じしf_, )ノ


i have a check list of things i want to do over the course of being on hatena

get a comment from a famous creator (done!)

get 10 useable green stars (done!)

get 5 fans (done!)

get 10 fans(DONE!)

get 20 fans (DONE!)

get 25 fans (DONE!)

get 50 fans

get 100 fans

i figure i may get them all in good time, I'm not impatient.

even if i don't get them i will still make flips and talk on here. =3

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