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HI! I am Lissa Or Bam Pow. I love facebook and paramore. I love to draw and love getting comments on my flipnotes so comment away!!! I have gotten comments from the USA ( where i live so big wup..)Canada (kewl!) and best of all Japan!!! My goal is to get stars or comments from Germany, Ireland,Austrailia, Italy, Chec Republic, or the Uk/Great Britian/England by the end of the year. THAT would thrill me beyond belief! (lol im such a geek, jk. Oh and you can still star and comment even if you are not foriegn or from those countries, lol. Anyways, I play the violin and I love softball, and am pitcher or out field. I did track in the spring last year. My fave tv show is cakeboss and alot of other tlc shows,and I love to draw, write (as you can tell), I am currently a freshman, go shopping, and i love love love shoes! My favorites are Nike, Nike Shox, And CONVERSE!!!! That's just a bit about me!

Thanks for everything!