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im sooooo skinny. one day my bestie shook my arm and yelled, TWIGY! thats you, starscream

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im sooooo skinny. one day my bestie shook my arm and yelled, TWIGY! thats you, starscream

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Hi I'm Alyssa... I don't really have any good flipnotes... Ima be quitty cuz i dnt like flipnote 2.5..... I'd like to shout out to my besties : Starscream, BearBrynt, Hannah, and Stephanie... I'm 11,and I live in Alabama...I'm a flipnote citizen!and I love you all!!! YAY! Well, that's it... Comments are loved, stars are appreciated.* Hatena. Celebrating Animation. Everyday.*


゙(゚、 。 7

 l、゙ ~ヽ

 じしf_, )ノ

P.S. Copy and paste the kitteh and spread the MADNESS!!! :D

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the freaken' US OF A BABY!!!!


art, videos, invader zim,singing, and shuffling

Special skills

smarts,singing, shuffling


English, Espanol, and Francais


I luffs dem... :)♥


I love music, my Ipod Shuffle fits me perfectly!


Fashion liked punk / nerdy / scene / party rocker!
Vehicles liked ATVs
Things liked animals / singing / music / epic faces
Drinks liked Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola / Pepsi / Mountain Dew / Dr. Pepper
Music liked anything by LMFAO / Flyleaf's songs / Katy Perry / Skillet's songs / Cassandra's songs
Food liked pizza / hamburgers / Ramen noodles / salad
Web services liked Firefox
Actors/Actresses liked all
TV Shows liked Regular Show / Family Guy / Bleach / Amazing World of Gumball / Life after Humans / Invader Zim / Adventure time
Location liked Madison Mall / Japan / England / home
Characters liked Gir / Zim / Dib / Marceline / Darwin / Margret / Gaz / Finn / Jake / Aniese / Gumball
Movies liked Vampires Suck
Celebrities liked Red Foo / Sky Bleu / Selena Gomez / Billy Armstrong / Lacey Mosley
Games liked Plants VS Zombies / Drawn to Life
People liked my mama ♥ / Hannah / Kristen / my unborn niece / my dad / Kylee / Sydney / Micheal / Camille / Luke / Curt / Nick / Milky / Brad / Caelan / Nicole / Brody / Stephanie
Art liked all
Books liked The Hunger Games Trilogy / Hatchet
Animation liked Anime / Chibi
Sports liked basketball / soccer
Animals liked all