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Hi I’m Skyward, I’m a white and blue winged gardian. You don’t know what a guardian is? Well were winged wolves that gard heaven. Although I was thrown from heaven when I was a pup by dimencio when he attacked heaven (he broke my wings too but their fine now). I now live down here with earth wolves and create AMVs, PVs, Collabs, and icons for friends and contests. On occasion I also do speed paints and comidies.


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Skyward: (Me and my main Oc) She is a guardian. When heaven was attacked by Dimencio she was thrown from heaven and was found and raised by and earth wolf. She adopted Crying Pelt when she found her out in the cold and snow abandoned.

Slasher: Skyward’s boyfriend he was hypnotized by trance and forced to open the gates of heaven for Dimencio. He was then added the ranks of Dimencio’s army constantly tring to break free. Skyward was the only one able to snap him out of it.

Dimencio: Dimencio is the devil. His nick name is Dimencio because he can travel between dimensions and melt into shadow. He attacked heaven and is constantly working to take control

Trance: Dimencio’s main companion and officer. She has the power to hypnotize people she controls ribbons to bring her “praycloser. Let’s just say avoid the ribbons. She has a crush on both Dimencio and Slasher and despises skyward and is always trying to well get “rid” of her.



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