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Hey! I'm id:smileyface234 And I love to doodle I honestly draw better on paper I guess I need more practice on hatena :) some stuff about me :D


My fave color: Blue, Brown, And white :)

My fave animal: All bears! I love them so much! <3

My fave food: Hummm hard to decide idk lol >___<

My fave creator: Well none yet but berripop is good (i'll update this soon)

My fave shows: GHOST HUNTERS!!!, Law & order:svu, The kardashians, umm yeah XD

My fave candy: all of them

My hobbies: I am an actress i go to camps and stuff like that and i'm gonna be in a play soon!, I love to play soccer it's like special since my family plays a lot i'm on a team, doodling it's something I ALWAYS do everywhere you'll see little faces on my comments most of the time.

My fave portable device: idk all that i have

Something crazy about me: i'm random, and...I have like 20 teddy bears on my bed...:)

Oook well that's it if you want to be friends just leave a comment on some of my flips and I'll try to reach you :) add me!

thanks, Bearz <3 u