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Please call me Switz, i would love that ^^

Some info on me-

My name, the only thing i will tell you is Switz, i am Twelve, birthday is June to Rp, my favorite animals are Cuddleoptopus's and Gyzmo's. (They both are creatures me/a friend made, no stealing >:U)

My fave charas are Pain, Switzerland, and Kurai, i love doodling..

My Winter hatena family-

Kiddo, Harukisis, Rensis, Ravesis, Pinkusis, Tuskibro...

Hatena family-

Gladetwin, Delisis, Whiskeylover, Espma...

Other friends-

Baki, Lightningscar, Nymph, Bear,Silent...


  • spews rainbows-

I like MlP:FiM, Adventure Time, Regular Show, MAD, Invader ZiM, Danny Phantom, Soul Eater, Avatar the last airbender/Legend of Korra..


  • Switzerland

And when you read this, you dont have to judge me if i forgot you.

It was freaking 1 am. Woo. Tired Twelve year-olds with nothing other to do than update their stuff. Now leave me alone.

-sulks away-


Food liked chicken
Animals liked cats