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Stellar- A female Steeleon with a red bandana. She's my main OC.

Kodak- Stellar's summon/avatar/shoukanjuu. She is smaller than Stellar and has wings, some voice wiretapper thing, and two rings on the first and last fringe of her hair.

Satoshi- A male Poiseon

Aerokiki- A male blue Keronian with no symbol, wings, and cat thingys.

Those are my characters. Main at least.

Here are some answers to questions.

Are you a guy?

No. I'm a Hideyoshi.

Can I be in a flip?

Sure! As long as it's a dog, cat, wolf, pokemon, Sgt frog OC, Neko, kitsune, avatar (summon/shoukan), or mineturtle ewe

That's it...


DJIceLuma (frenemy >:D)

Aura/Aurafire (One word. Kagamine.)

Dextreon (^^)

Dumplings! (We haven't talked in a while, but we're still friends ^^)

Jackman (Your flips are hilarious!)

Sakumi(Touhou and Higurashi ftw!)


SnivyTM (RL friend ewe)

SA (Mai little bro -3-)





If ur not here I either don't talk to you a lot or u quit


My series

My Life, My Life, My Life (AKA Skye's Life)- Japanese (Romaji) version is done, I need to sub it still.

Here's some info

Name- (not real) Stellar

Age- 10

Fav Song- Changes quickly, but currently Hare Tokidoki Egao

Fav Bands- Skrillex, APHEX TWIN, Linkin Park

Fav Color- light blue ewe TOTAL REFERENCE

Fav Animal- Fox

Fav Country- Finland

Fav Animes- Sgt.Frog, Baka and Test Summon the Beasts (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu), School Rumble, Pani Poni Dash, Higurashi

Pokemon- Eevee

IRL BFF- Warriorcatsbluepath (search her on YouTube or be forced to! She's on Hatena and you can find her as Poiseon or Toxic)

What grade- 6th

Fav Vocaloids- Kagamines (they're not twins. They were originally mirrior images but are shown as twins in some songs)

That's all you probably need to know

(GO AWAY STALKER just kidding)

My YouTube account is warriorcatspoolfur. I post occasionally (spelling fail XD). Also check out warriorcatsbluepath, kippy400, and cakecat12!

Stories that I'm writing

I am a super epic writer (never got anything lower than a 4). I'll post some of my work somewhere so you can see.

Dogs of the West

Stellar and Test (War of the Id!ots)


Summoning Field Error

UPDATE 4/11/12

I have a website! http://steeleon.webs.com/

Please make an account. Use your name of Flipnote so I can reconginize you!

UPDATE 5/8/12

I started watching BAT (Baka and Test) AND I LUV IT. There's just so much things and many people I can relate to. KINOSHITA X AKIHISA BREADCRUMBS YEAH!

UPDATE 5/20/12

I had a sleepover and I woke up cuddling a picture of Kouta's avatar...yeah I'm insane. THE TEACHERS ARE STILL DANCING, TOXIC! And Shimizu has magical powers since she can jump backwards while upside down in less than a second.

BAT Parody 1 Update

GAAAH TAKING SO LONG...I'm just gonna write all the season 1 scripts and start posting the episodes when they're all finished


Steeleon as Kouta Tsuchiya,Stellar, Kodak, and warriorcatspoolfur

ToXiC as Mizuki Himeji, ToXiC, and warriorcatsbluepath

Joelleon as Hideyoshi Kinoshita

SA as Akihisa Yoshii, Iron Man (Mr.Rolo), and Yuuji Sakamoto

Aroro as Minami Shimada and Aroro

Computer as Miharu Shimizu

BAT Parody Episode 2 Update

Script is done. Some voice parts are still open

Steeleon as Kouta Tsuchiya, Stellar, Kodak,and Warriorcatspoolfur

ToXiC as Shouko Kirishima (some lines), Mizuki Himeji, ToXiC, and warriorcatsbluepath

Joelleon as Shouko Kirishima (other lines), Hideyoshi Kinoshita

SnivyTM/Terara as Yuuko Kinoshita and the pizza guy

The rest...yeah.

We still need voices for

Kubo Toshimitsu (Mr.Bob)

Other class a people (Glitch and Artemis)

I am working on a Kokoro collab with WCB/Toxic/Poiseon (me as Len ewe) so please excuse the non postiness...GAAAAAAH WHICH CHAR SHOULD I USE...if you have any ideas please tell meeeeeee





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Little of Japanese, tiny Finnish