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Hey everyone!I'm sorry I don't animate much.I'm sorta busy.Hope fully I can animate more in the summer time.I have so many great friends here!Thx guys.Your all great!Well heres some info bout me



Age:(Not telling)

Fav Colors:Red,Blue,Green,Black.No I'm not emo or goth!

Thats all for now.

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Highest rank:#581

#Green stars:8

#Red stars:5

#Blue stars:2

#Purple stars:1(Yay!)

Hatenaversary:June 27th

Birthday:November 27th

Well lets get on with my main O.cs info(You know who it is)





Weight:65 lbs.

Dating:Scourge TH

Bio(real one):When Sparkle was 6 her parents were k!lled and she was captured by Mephiles.She had been his slave till she was 13 At Mephiles castle.Then she escaped.She Made a secret service called...Mobius Underground Secret Service (M.U.S.S).There she trained agents to fight.She was a high ranking Macenary.She met Jet and dated him for a month but they broke up.They are still friends.She met Shadow a year later but ended up the same but she doesn't like Shadow.Mephiles found Sparkle and captured her again but this time he r@ped her for running away.He let her go but told her to never go near him.M.U.S.S plotted against him and they succsesfully(IDK)bethroned him.Sparkle was going deep into the woods and found some new friends they suddely found out they were being watched.The villian's name was Scar.Things were getting tough.She found out she has Healing and Fire powers.Out of nowhere Scourge popped up.They all defeated Scar.Then Sparkle kissed Scourge and they started dating they're married.They have 4 kids (haven't mentioned other 2 yet).

And thats all!Long Bio.Ohh!Plus shes a princess but no one knows.Since Mephiles you know to Sparkle thats why Tammy has stripes but she has Sparkles color.

If you guys want to be my friend just ask.I think thats it Bye!


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Celebrities liked Ariana Grande / Rascal Flatts / One Direction / Victoria Justice / Cher Lloyd / Matty B
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