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I like to draw, but cant draw that well. im a funny guy and like to skate board. i play on a real baseball, basketball, and football team.

Favorite creators

Jacob: good and reliable and talented friend(retired)

crazsniper: good and interesting and talented friend(lost?)

xXGHOSTXx: good and talented and fun friend(gone)

Andrew~: just a fan of him and he is talented

fred: good and reliableand talented friend

marcrocks: really good friend(retired)

Dramatic: my brother

SniperGod∞: good and talented friend(retired)

BlackRose: great and talented friend.

Cory: Good and Talented friend.

El'Jamese: great gun creator.loyal and good friend

Connor: Great gun creator. i use alot of sprites from him

Dante377: great gun creator, always gves credit.

will grow bigger after a while!

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