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alright, thanks to all those who i adopted characters from over the years.

my friends/family on here are-

  • Kazi bro
  • Zak sis
  • SolarPaws sis
  • Nintendraw
  • Vidgamer
  • Blizard
  • MinionWolf
  • XNeonWolfX sis
  • Quarawolf
  • WolfVid sis
  • Quadruped
  • Sar





im blanking on names, sorry.

PLEASE remind me if i forgot you.

about me-

name- SolusBlue

birthday- the 15th of your face you bum.

age- 15 ewe

gender- female but of course

favorite colors- grey and purple

favorite weirdo- my friend Adam

least favorite band- 1D

favorite bands- sublime, rehab, cash and the bad checks, the orchestra at my school, your favorite martian.

all the stuff you dont wanna know-

my favorite shows are Family guy, Futurama, equals three, Tosh.0, Robot chicken, NCIS, Criminal Minds.

if you wanna be my friend, do a collab, or an art trade, dont ask.

jk <X) i love to chat w/ people and i am very friendly! i love each of my friends here and am happy to have more.

ok, i guess ive wasted you time enough already, so bye!!