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I am Meta Kirby.

I am someone who is very impatient.

I do not like wasting time.

I have certain habits. :D

I do not like mean people. They're just wasting their time.

I certainly do NOT like know-it-alls that think they're cool cause they can say a few words that are rather rude. (hinting to school -.-') They can grow up.


I do like, however, drawing.

I can get better.

I have no patience to spend time coloring or actually draw WELL.

I have FC's inspired by the following items:


Drawn To Life

Alan Jackson


Back To The Future

I should make one for Holes...

Battalion Wars


Some other things I can't remember. <:D

Eh oh well.

My favorite character from the following items...

Kirby- Meta Knight

Pokemon- Barry

Mario- Boo, Daisy, Yoshi

Pikmin- Louie

Drawn To Life- Unagi or Jowee

Spongebob- Patrick

Marvel- Spider-man

Spider-man- Sandman or Venom

Singer- Jim Croce

Favorite song- I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song

BTTF- The Doc

Holes- Armpit or Zero

The Skin Jacker Series- Milos or Nick

Fav FC- ...I'm not sure. ^^'

I'll add more stuff.

See ya for now

~Meta Kirby


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