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Uh.... well.. where do I start? Okay... Some of you may know me by a few different names such as~



Or Nitrogen....

But you can call me Cephie, Ceph, or Cephyra. Speaking of Ceph,... She's getting marryed :D I are so proud of heR. XD So here's a list of my O.C.s~

Cephyra the Fox

Naimi the Bat

Crisscross the Tazmanian Devil

Lia the Cat

Giana the Butterfly

Reanna the Dragonfly

Lexus the Robot Wolf

Lithium the Butterfly

Radius the Butterfly

Toria the Leopard

Melrose the Cat

Hanna the Snow Leopard

Skye the Wolf

Adria the Wolf

Ryen the Fennec Fox

Toxic the Hedgehog

Noel the Reindeer

Trinity the Reindeer

Alana the Chinchilla(me)

Juniper the Coyote

Arlene the Hedge-Cat

Maroon the Wolf

Skierra the ???????

Okey that's all buhbye you ppl!!!!