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Hello! im Teagan! i love to draw :'D

i draw better on paper tho....

you can check out all my other art on Deviant art -

i post tons of stuff there.

i like: drawing, sonicTH, techno, cartoons, video games, gatorade, chinese food, my friends, my laptop, electronics in general, music, annddd..... some more stuff?? i dunno.

dislikes: copy cats, art block, my digital art skills, my teachers, school, math, learning in general, uhh...... i dont feel like thinking of anything else xDD

so yeah! im going to be more active here in the summer, but i may still be posting flips :3

some awesome people on here are: Jerpaw, planethead, ElfenLied1, and Kay°neo

i hope to make more friends this summer :'D