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Damn, this profile is old and collecting dust. At the time of this introduction, it is January 27th, 2017. 4 years after the shutdown of Flipnote Hatena, where many of the people that are fans, favorites, and friends are from on my profile. The shutdown marked a sad ending to many, the community was so well connected and strong. Even now, I still have my DSi in near perfect working conditions, lookking back upon the memories of the flipnotes that reside there. Yes, Sudomemo has come around, but not everything is there. Some of the greatest artists from Hatena that were looking forward to the 3DS Flipnotes Online Gallery...they never got it. All because Nintendo made it a Japan only exclusive feature. If you are reading this, I miss Flipnote Hatena as do many others, One day the community will unite again. One day.

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March 18th 1995

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