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Hi, I'm :D (formerly sp!cyfru!t)! Here are some ways to pronounce :D just in case you need to say it: Happy Face, Smiley Face, Colon D, etc. I am known for being a random person, so my Flipnotes will be about random stuff. I'm most popular for my Pandora DSi flipnote, which got lots of colored stars, even a blue star! Once I become a Hatena Citizen I'll make my official channel which will be called (*drumroll*) The :D Channel!!! My goals on Flipnote Hatena are:

-becoming one of the top 100 creators

-getting over 100 fans

-having a flip on Most Popular (check!)

-having a flip on the front page of Most Popular


-getting a purple star.

I might never be famous...but hey, you never know.