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Welcome to my page on Flipnote hatena my goals are:

1:To get at 1 purple star.

2:To get 100 fans.

3:To get 10 blue stars.

4:To get 50 red stars.

5:To get 1000,000 yellow stars

6:To get 300 green stars.

7:To recieve 10,000 comments on 1 flip.

8:To try to get a gold medal while i'm still on hatena.

9:To write 10,000 comments while still on hatena.

10:To hope that i'm still on hatena when I have 1000 flipnotes.

My favourite creators are numbered 1 to 10

1st Luigi※

2nd Harry

3rd Homestar


5th Tea time

6th Roxy

7th Raichu Girl

8th Three-D

9th Zingyhero

10th Jemma