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"Maidens in love are strong! You know that dont you?"

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"Maidens in love are strong! You know that dont you?"

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Welcome to my page! INFO:


Luckystar!:Cheery, nice, fun, and awesome!

Luckystar!'s Goal: Become well known and get to at least 1000 fans (first)

Luckystar's B-Day!: June 6

Luckystar! likes/loves: HELLO KITTY!, Naruto, Cheesecake, (hehe) boys, cute/nice boys, Anime, Apple (the company), Video games (My favorite from each game system is, Naruto storm Generations, Super smash bros brawl, Super princess peach, Kingdom Hearts:Dream Drop Distance/Pilotwing Resort/ Nintendo dogs+cats, ^^) Twilight the saga, Music, shopping (especially CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!) friends/family, ice skating, New York City, California, Florida, Virginia Beach, singing/dancing/acting/drawing, fans that support meh, and

Awesome/good/cute/funny/anything that surprises me flipnotes!

I always try my best on my flipnotes to empress you guys, i love to draw, and hope you guys will try your best too! ^^

Luckystar! luvs you! Bye bye!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!