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hello! im Cori. i live in ireland, the place where it rains in summer and winter. no snow, just... rain.

im 13 and im a guy who thinks outside the box. im the kind of person who would'nt freak out if i saw a u.f.o . and i wear dogtags everywhere i go. i just don't bother to take them off.

i love need 4 speed games, lego, command & conquer and star wars.

i like to watch the big bang theory, mrs. browns boys, live at the appolo, stuff thats funny.

my favourite colour is blue.

also, i dont take much to offence.

im not hurt easy... which is good i guess.

im a dreamer. i always fall asleep in the middle of maths class. my teacher woke me up once and i jumped off my seat and made a wierd noise that i won't describe to you. i sometimes wonder about random stuff like why are there so many languages, or if micheal jackson was a jedi.

i like to help people, and i will always be there 4 my friends.

i like sandwiches, muffins, sausages

and ice-cream. but not all together.

may the force be with you.

and have a nice day!