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=w= It is time for do you know RocketTH!Ok, first fact, he has 19 Sonic O.C.s whose names are Rocket,Gwen,Hardrive,Icicle,Insanity,Hoody,Kelly,Jake,Jesse,Dana,Blade,Jane,Nova,Pharos,Thorn,Alcatraz,himself,Zoey,and Michelle!:DAnd he also has unoffical O.C.s too!There names are Missle,Torpedo,and Ricky ans Rodney Jones!XDAh,but he also has Anime O.C.s too!Their names are Two Face,Mittens,Ink Heart, Lesylie*(*subject may chnge),and Ricky and Rodney Jones!Yes! they are both Sonic and Anime O.C.s!>:PNow time for more personal facts.He is left-handed.eweThis will be his 1-year anniversery on the 25th of Feburary!He is a believer of gay couples.He says,and I quote,"I believe that if someone is happy loving the same gender,then let them if they like doing it.Let love be love"unquote.He loves country music.He has a male Yorkie named Toby.And he also a master in math.That is all Do you know RocketTH?>w<This program was brought to you by Rocket's new series High School Never Ends which will premiere around the beginning of March(if he isn't lazy).

RAWR! >:P Rocket here,don't read this program!An evil master mind has escaped from prison and is planning to destroy your brains and make you his minions!...I'm serious!STOP READING THIS PROGRAM!...

Rocket:IIIII...don't think their not

believing you...



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