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I enjoy manga,sega,and most sonic o.c.s, I am not an experienced artist but i'm working on it. I'm very friendly so I hope to make a lot of friends on hatena.PlUS: thanks to anyone who adds stars to my flips. I'm so happy you like them :D

I would like to make a big thanks to my few but awsome fans! Thanks guys your so awsome!


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Gawd I just have to add a couple things to this...

First off I was born and raised in Ohio and i've been on hatena since september of 2010. I was born Nov3meber 20th and I have one heck of an annoying sister. I have a pretty mellow attidude but am in a way pretty crazy too *3*. I love drawing! And I promise you my constant drawing annoys my friends sometimes.

I love to listen/play music and I love singing too. I also love to read and write stories. Even though i'm not very creative. Well anyway my point is i'm not the most intresting person in the world.

I'm a girl (which is obvious .-.) I have one sibling 3 cats and one dog. And my o.c. is Storm the Hedgehog and well i'm trying pretty hard to work on my animation skills which suck.

And I zone out alot and i don't even notice! My real name is Madison... Well that's all from boring old me...


Oh and I am a 100% chocolate lover!

And here is my main character!

Storm the Hedgehog



fur color-Storm gray/silver

eyes-right eye is a dark blue and left eye red with black Sclera

ears-right has four percings and left has three percings

outfit-red striped tanktop and pure black shorts and dark gray gloves with red rings around them and black hightops with a purple stripe down the middle and thigh high stockings with a sword on her back *all new except for sword*

background- was created by Dr.Robotnik to help protect Maria with Shadow and lost all memory when she was sent to earth except for here memories of Shadow,Maria, and Dr.Robotnik and now helps Sonic and the freedom fighters.

Should I do a couple of her and Shadow? I'm not sure if i should..


嵐の XD