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Hi my name is stuart kirk and i love making flipnotes for you, i just got the hang of flipnote like knowing how two add people and add comments to other flipnotes, kaleb wanted me to have a flipnote account so that's why i'm here. I have made a channel but know one goes too it.

my goal is on flipnote hatena is to have?

  • 100 fans/ 35 i got
  • 10,000 stars/ i've got 3200*
  • be rank 500 and under/ i'm rank 724
  • i want 1000 comments/ got 888
  • i want to have silver citizen i've bronze 45 days till i think

My top 5 fav creators are

  • mdm
  • kaleb
  • luigi
  • george
  • re-bo0

what i'm doing on flipnote hatena

i'm making a flipnote with a spinnig shell 100% complete. i,ve been going on people chat rooms like random guy's chat room, and luigi's chatroom. I'm adding people alot of stars to peoples flipnotes people there good. i've also been adding Appreciated comments to some peoples flipnotes ect. i've been downloading peoples flipnotes like the packs so i can get good illustrations to my flipnotes.

so that means i love making flipnotes for you guys and girls to watch, i appreciate my comment and stars so yer this comment section thing will be updaed every- when i feel like it.