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League of Legends:cakenpie



xbox live:Alex Shot UoFTo[pic is a fire knight from castle crashers]i be playing for skyrim for dayz.

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Ok so im planing on getting a new DSI since I think they are maybe 70$ or something like that.If you want to Contact me in some way to play some computa games [like minecraft or terraria,i have some servers on both]My steam group is Ultimate Nightmare Gamers or just freind request me on steam or freind request me on xbox or freind me on Game center[soupnlemons].


Band:Stuck In Your Radio

Games:Skyrim,Portal 2,Halo Reach,Saints Row the Third,Legend of Zelda,Super Mario bros.,Pokemon,Sequence,Minecraft,Terraria,League of Legends and Star Wars The Old Rebublic!

Song:Self Titled Song by:Stuck in Your Radio

TV Shows:Invader Zim,Spongebob,Soul Eater,Sgt Frog,Naruto [other then that I really dont watch tv]

Books:Pandora Hearts,Game Guides and Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Hobbies:Video Making,Video Games and Reading Rage comics