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Tough, Smart, Cute, Sneaky

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Tough, Smart, Cute, Sneaky

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Age: 12-1/2

Gender: Girl

I have a 3ds now so here's my friend code:0334-9807-5700

3ds name: Kaylie

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January 14, 2000




Super scary movies, video games, Devil May Cry

Special skills


Portal Gun

Red Queen Sword


Vehicles liked Bus / Suzuki / Punch buggy / Toyota
Things liked Portal Gun / Turret
Drinks liked Blue drink / Apple juice / Root b.eer / Fruit Punch / Gatorade- Dragonberry ginseng / Cream soda / Hawaiian Punch / Regular milk / Some kind of sports drink / Cream soda / Lactose free milk
Music liked Vocaloid
Food liked Ice cream / Whopper / Big Mac / Burgers / Cheesecake / Fish and Chips(fries) / Caramel apple / Sushi / Applesauce / Maccaroni and Cheese / Fish Sticks
TV Shows liked Devil May Cry / The Amazing World of Gumball / The Suite Life on Deck / Regular Show / MAD / Pokémon
Location liked Tokyo, Japan
Characters liked Lunar / Chell / GladOs
Movies liked Jaws 4 / Pokemon movie 13: Zoroark, mastaa irusion! / Pokemon movie 3: Entei strikes back! / Pokemon: Heroes of Latios and Latias / Resident Evil Degeneration / Pokemon: Jirachi Wish maker! / Resident Evil Series / Pokemon 2000:Lugia and the power of one / Pokemon 4ever: Celebi,and the voice of the forest / Zombieland / Jaws / Pokemon Ranger: Manaphy and the temple of the sea / Pokémon the first movie / Pokemon movie 14: Victini and the Black hero, Zekrom / Jaws 3-D / Jaws || / Quarantine / Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys / Pokemon movie 11: Giratina and the sky warrior / Pokemon:the legend of Darkrai / Pokemon movie 12: Arceus and the jewel of life / Pokemon: Mewtwo returns / The Lord of The Rings Trilogy / Pokemon Best wishes! the movie: Victini and the white hero, Reshiram
Celebrities liked Ikue Ohtani
Games liked Pokemon white / Pokemon Sapphire / Pokemon mystery dungeon: Red rescue team / Pokemon mystery dungeon: Explorers of darkness / Bakugan: defenders of the core / Pokemon Pearl / Pokemon Platinum / Pokemon Ranger / Pokemon Yellow / Portal / Team Fortress / Resident Evil / Devil May Cry 1-4 / Pokemon Emerald / Half Life / Pokemon battle revolution / My Pokemon ranch / Pokepark Wii / Pokemon HGSS / Pokemon black / Pokemon mystery dungeon: Explorers of sky / Pokemon Gold / Street Fighter / Bakugan: the video game / Pokemon mystery dungeon: Explorers of time / Pokemon ranger: Shadows of Almia / Pokemon Diamond / Pokemon Dash / Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Comics liked The best of Pokespe: Yellow / The best of Pokespe: Red / Pokemon Diamond and Pearl adventures! Series
People liked Mom / Stepdad
Books liked The Bartimaeus Trilogy / The Secret Series
Animation liked Resident Evil: Degeneration / 9
Sports liked Baseball
Animals liked Wolf / Snow Leopard
ことば liked Whatever that means