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Hi!. I'm the sister of Mellokitty, and my all-time favorite creators are Blakechao and Diet-$tab...who also happen to be the best friends i have on here along with pikavio and oscarspyro :3. I love when people enter the contests I make, and despise star begging. I will respond to all questions asked of me except, "Will you add stars?" or "Wanna go out?" GaMzEe FoReVeR hOnK hOnK :o)

Team Kuro~

Kuro (dark omochao)

Azure (blue fox chao)

Lilly (flower chao w/blue roses)

Angel (yellow cat chao)

Pika (pikachao)

Sori (demon chao)

Nyx (blue cat chao)

Team Shiro~

Shiro (hero omochao)

Bane (wolf chao)

Bloom (flower chao w/ red roses)

Leah (black cat chao)

Repeerc (creeper chao)

Satin (pink ribbon chao)

Apollo (red hedgehog chao)

Other chao~

Silky (black and red rabbit chao)

Roxy (red hedgehog chao)

Rai (Raichao)

Lucky (green cat chao)

Other characters~

Suna (red haired nijuubi)

Bond (white haired hylian)

Zee (silver blonde witch/hunter)

Sesha (brown haired spitter)

Karma (blonde charger)

Ki (meowth)

Emma (black and white cat)

Aurensan (black haired half- turret)

Schala (female endermen)

Xach (red bat)

Makenna (Happy Mask Salesman's daughter)

Soniel (female troll)

WILL TAKE REQUESTS! If you have any questions about my chao or any other characters, just ask!