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Name: Mightsaylater (age 12 and in 7th grade)

Live: Planet Earth

Hobbies: Playing Minute to win it, mario video games, Lego, and drawing comics.

About Me: when i got my DSiXL on July 12,2010 (my birthday) i started seeing flips on hatena. i made an account on December 14,2010 (i'm pretty sure). my main series going on is T.M.O.B.A.P. (the misadventures of Bob and Phil) and im thinking of making speed 6 flips but don't really have time to. i might not be posting flips all the time mainly because i'm addicted to minute to win it which is a game show where people do games with household items. if you want to see how to do the games and see episodes, type in 'minute to win it" in the search bar.

About Bob & Phil: Bob and Phil were my cartoon characters when i was in about 4th grade. i've been using them ever since i can remember. they are basically stick figures. bob has some hair and phil has a hat. (plus, i DID NOT copy from Soup's T.L.O.B. i had bob and phil before i even knew about hatena.i mainly draw comics at school. Speaking of school, i have the COOLEST TEACHER EVA!!!!!! if we get 100% on our spelling test, we get to go to taco bell on tuesday. HES SOOO COOL!!!! hope you all have a great day! DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES????