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Hey I am sunmare. Pinky pop and cheesecakes little sis. I love to write and make music videos. I am a christian and proud to be one to. I want to share the love of god with you guys. Another thing to know about me is I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! top fav animals i also like wolfs and dolphines.

I will be taking request if you guys want me to do something for you then just ask.

well i have three o.c's

i will tell you about them

Sunny: a mare all white but as black mussel four black socks and tips of ears are black

she lost both her partents from wolfs she has been travling alone ever since

Cocoa: a cheasnut stallion whith black hair

he lives on his own looking for a mate trying to start his own heardhe has a crush on sunny

Rose: is a fury

fury= humen with wolf tail and ears

she lost her mom from canser and her dad died getting hit by a drunk driver she gets beat up by a group of boys and lives on her own

well those are my o.c's

I hope i have alot of fun here

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