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Hey! ^^

Hello welcome to my profile!

You may call me Grace or Kimmi my nickname is Pumpking idfk why

Name: Grace & K!mm!

Age: I relay shouldn't tell you because of dA =_=''

Gender: Female ^^

Contry im in: Scotland!

Contry born: Germany ¬U¬

Best YouTuber: PewDiePie! Lol i need to pee after his happy wheel videos! XD

Best Friend on hatena: It's a tie between two pepole.. ^^ Im not telling you~

Chara profile:


Age: 15

Nickname: Chi or chinchila

Relitives?: Cocoa sis and Endive (mum)

Relationship?: Crushing XD

H@tes: Her split personalitys and spiders XD

Likes: Milkshake :D, Her friend and her Crush ¬U¬


Age: 17 (Yes she is older!)

Nickname: Coca or mizzy

Relitives?: Chichi (sis) and Endive (mum)

relationship?: Stalking XD

H@tes: People who doubt her

Likes: The person she is staking, Cranberry juce and casting spells

They are my main chara's to lazy to do the rest o^o

Facts about me:

My friends are~

☆!nfren◎★™ (Squiddy~)

°※Alina※° (Super waffle! dB)

DemonSuit (You're teeth are on the roof again ¬_¬'')

●°iNsAnE°● (Spaaaaaceeeee!)

やすくん (Gu.n buddys! >U<

SyluckS (You draw amazing! ^^)

darklady★° (Ketchup!)

AnnaN64☆ (Like a boss XD)

People i like~

Caie~★ (You're style is weome!)

Lola Ham~ (Flirty lola XD)

°•Kyudra•° (You should be popular ;A;)

Shugo (Haha you are really funny dB)

Chibi♪~ (Chibiiiiiii~ <3)

★TwiX☆ (BARRELS!!!!!!!!!!! X3)

Lighもy (lol)

I look up to all those people! I'm so glad to know them!

Uhh fine i tell youwho my Besties are! >_<''

☆!nfren◎★™ and ●°iNsAnE°●

The two pepole i have a laugh whith >U<

Thankyou dB