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Hi all im sonicx and my goal is to have

over 1000000000000000000000000000000000


fans.Im a very talented drawer and when

I grow up I want 2 be a artist and a

cartoonist when im older.My age is:12 my gender is:male and my B-day is Nov,08,1999.

I hope to get purple,green,blue,red and yellow stars.

I also hope 2 get creator rank 1 or either 2 and be added by:

epic,masa,dr.p,kuro,masa,bass,jdog,you and everyone who is popular.

You should also add these people:





Because there my very best friends and because im a nice

person you should add everyone whos my fans aswell!

OFTO so ya I would love to be your friends I do requests,icons

and anything you would like me 2 make 4 you and if I become popular I will not be like them I am a nice tender loving person and will never do such a thing

because everyones been so nice 2 me I love 2 play minecraft,poptropica,

happy wheels,cartoonnetwork,lots of games!

I also have a 3ds my FC is:206294537445

I would love all my dreams 2 come true :D

sinceraly sonicx

OFTO you still readin this?

030 wow still here hu?


ttU:< why you still here?

olla donta estowela es pecca?WTF did I say?

soooooooo please if you would make my dreams come true I would be forever greatful!OFTO