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Hello my name is Eclipse,Spades, or sonar, or u can just call me josh I love a lot of thing especially anything that involves sonic, kingdom hearts, pokemon, and mario

I recently saw FTSK (forever the sickest kids) and It was awesome^^


I am having an mv and most of my friends o.cs r in it here is the list:






But its still pending

But I need some tips on some song so if u tell me a song u will be credited more updates will be up soon ^^


Contest update

My contest Is ending by the end of this month sorry but I can't have it open toblong anyways ill post the winners by the 3rd day after the contest ends so can't wait for the entries ^^

Ok no ones posted a single entry yet so I'm going to extend it but I'm going to post the next do date on my reminder contest flip õHo got it