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Hi!! eto.. :/ i don't know what to say... umm.. I'm 12 (le gasp you thought i was 10!! I seem younger than i am XD)Oh and my name is ari, ally, or for some reason hoshi

(it's in my username because it was a vocaloid inside joke with my friend and people assume it's my Hatena name... so yeah.)


For unlocking stuff i want:

1,000 stars on a PV

500 stars for a pic..



MY NEW CHANNEL!! CHECK IT OUTS>>> It has two posts so addd more!!~


Oh! I ALWAYS FORGET TO SAVE LINEART So umm.... if you want one sorry!! I'll try to remember!!! (and post a lineart pack??)


I owe the two-faced lovers PV unlocked so I'll post it later!!


XD i know i'm not tht good!! so please do not bother me with my failurness!!! so yeah sorry about that i'll try to get better!!! >:D