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Shiro Kage: White Shadow pt 2 (RE-Motivated! B3) WORKING ON MANGA

Continueing Roga's story with a new title CHANGED

Some possible MVs UNLIKELY

ANything OC is OC Timelines now... AHAHHAHA!!!

Adventures with the Giant Turtle (For Molly)

I am working on the webcomic, so I'll post the work on my DA! PLEASE VISIT IF YOU CAN!

If you want to get a comment sent straight to TK, post on a flip. OR try my Deviant Art Account, I'm their very often and I have lots of work I do on there as well.

Check Out these awesome Homestuck Beats!




Check Out Homestuck Here!


My DeviantART Account


YouTube, nothing on it, I'll let you know when I put up my animations in the future, then I can give you my link. B3

TK will say that I wish everyone a great day and God Bless you all.

I'm BACK *DANCES* .n.)

I've been having fun with my 3DS and other stuff. I'll be having fun doing this too! Until school starts... then I may go bye bye.