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hey is me well i like listing to sonic the hedgehog music... wow i said that randomly... i lose my ideas if i dont use them when i have them... i am a boy. i like to play sonic games... i am a teen... i have some friends on flipnote hatena... I do have a sonic charter... i think my fans and favriotes rock alot... im nice... if not ethier thinking of new ideas, doing homework, eating/sleeping (even in school lol) making flipnotes, playing a game, or drawing then im hanging with friends... I like to chat in the comments... i like making flipnotes... i really hate haters and people like them... i get bored fast... and for some weird reson i stay up late and sleep alot in the morning lol... i like the songs never turn back, i am all of me, all hail shadow, live and learn, open your heart, seven rings in hand, in his world, super sonic racing, creepy doll, knight of the wind, with me, fight the knight, live life, living in the city, what im made of... and a few more songs that i cant rember the name of (all of the songs i just named were from a sonic or shadow the hedgehog game that i have look them up if you have the chance because they are really good songs if you ask me) and here is a awesome song from a PV i saw recently the name of the song is Bad Apple... also i do comment alot so if you get the chance read them some might be funny... ( like my mini story's) and im sorry about the party for my friends that helped because thats on hold for now... im really sorry about that.. and about my series... well untell i get a awnser from azure and shadow 948 i cant do anything about because i need to get permisson to use 1 pic of their sonic charter for the sneek peek ( before you start to think im going to use 1 pic of every charter for the series your wrong i just want a orinigal pic of the charters that they made for the sneek peek because i think it would be much better that way... the series will be with diffrent drawings of mine that i made just for the series and there will be more than just 1 for every charter in the series and i will try to anamate it but i might need some help on the mouth movements because i cant master it so if you would be help me with that by posting a comment on a random flip of my that gives me some tips on how to do it...

blade: hey pyro soul what are ya doing

pyro: yeah what are you doing

pyro soul: putting info about me for my creators room

blade: why its not like anyone will read it

pyro soul: *gets gernade launcher out* oh really blade...

pyro: ok where did you get the gernade launcher

pyro soul: you know when i was on the look for more areas for the series

pyro: you mean at angle island, japan (dont ask why) and some other places?

pyro soul: yeah thats where

blade: well i think i should go *runs away really fast*

pyro: wait for me!!! *follows*

pyro soul: i thought so...

welll that was one of my little mini storys that i will randomly make in comments so if you get the chance and see me commenting then maybe you will get to see one and even join in...well thats it for now bye see you sooner than you know............................ WAIT i need to find some good sonic music any ides if you have any ideas just tell me on a flip of mine ok now im done so bye