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I'm fun and i love to do Fashion shows and dance to songs EG. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Adele... many more! Well i'd love ur faves and stars. I know a REALLY great creator... shes nice,helpful and encouraging... Jenna.

I luv to shout-out my friends so another great creator who deserves more fans (A LOT MORE!!) Is orangelord command : up,a,a,x,up,left,b,r . He makes INCREDIBLE mario flipnotes! Check him out !

Okay YALLZZZ! I have a new channel! its called

:] <3 p0sT H3re!!! <3 :] . SO you needa post on it or elzeee!

The period iz NOT after itt! lol. <3 i luv all mai fanzz! but, i want more and i no i said i will make a new series since i cancelled petals but, im having writers block... SOOOO yearpp

You will have 2 waitt! please post onn my channel. i wanna have more than 50 flips on it from now until May 2, 2012!! i no dats not alot but, im not famous sooo. Bye yall.... please tell yall friends about me & my channel. Not in a bad way though... xD