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Hello hatena ^_^ im Acadia

Name: Haley

Age: 12 (turing 13 in september)

Date of birth: September, 18th,1999. (yes my horiscope symbol is Virgo)

Height: 5"7 or 5"8

Grade: 7th grade (eee so happy!!!)

Relationship: taken? ( ok i really dont know if im still dating Jasper .3." u nevera talk to meh!)

Personality: im really nice and kind i can be funny but dont make me mad i bet you you'll be sh!t'en ur pants e3e im really emo too ....

Ok im here at hatena cause i wanna share my art and meet new friends and ive met alot of awesome people! I think my art sucks though -,-; oh well ill try to improve my art along the months .... ;w;


1.) Kayla the butterfly

2.) Blast the hedgehog

3.) Burn the devilhog

4.) Awoken the wolf

5.) Toxic the poision

6.) Glow the darkness

7.) Jackson the emo wolf

8.) Pandora the cat

9.) Terror the devil

10.) Nightmare the devil

11.) Jagger the wolf

12.) Dagger the wolf

13.) Secrets the hedgehog

14.) Myst the hedgehog

15.) Mikayla the cat/hedgie

16.) Everafter *1

17.) Neverafter *2

18.) Midnight the devil

19.) Zero the dark

20.) Wind the wolf

21.) Mariana the techno

22.) Techno the cat

23.) Trench the techno

24.) Josh Ramsay

25.) Justik the hedgehog

26.) Katniss the cat

27.) Peeta the wolf

28.) Didgital the techno

29.) Deul the cat

30.) Rocky the cat

31.) Proceed the cat

32.) Adventure the shapeshifter

33.) Dare the hedgehog

34.) Locket the cat

35.) Domino the cat

36.) Shame the outcast

37.) Minus the plus

38.) Nexus the plus

39.) Shock the undead

40.) Suff0c@t!on the dead

41.) Symbol the dead

42.) Fade the dragon

43.) tifi the japenes

44.) Rachel the hedgehog

45.) Massy the hedgehog

46.) Iceolated the lizard

47.) Lucas the hedgehog

48.) Pure the anit

49.) NightVision the anit

50.) Lighter the anit

51.) Cyber the ghost

52.) Hautch the cat

53.) Acadia the cat

54.) Dead the cat

55.) Fallout the techno

56.) kelly the cat

57.) proclien the cat

58.) Studder the cat

59.) Hedley the techno

60.) Masterpeice the cat

61.) Hydra the water-surfant

62.) cychreides the dragon

63.) Blakia the gnu monster

64.) Cyrus the angle/devil

65.) Elips the cat

66.) Oylimpais the tiger

67.) Thais the water surpfent

66.) Kyle the fox

67.) Lita the wolf cat

68.) Canada the kitten

69.) Summer the cat

70.) limthies  the

Viceroy butterfly

71.) Cloak the sourcer

72.) Nickel the wolf

73.) Cylinder the cat

74.) Cherry the ghost

Lizer the lizard

kathrine the kitten

Snowy the great horned owl

Low the hedgehog

Fix the cat

Comet the space kitty

Jacklen the spade

Mason the devil

Sunburn the phynx dragon

Twinxie the Dragon

Phythices the seal

Fidget the friend

Time the kitten

Lost the time travler

Lurken the turkey

August the lion September the bat

July the cat

June the cat

March the kitten

Febuary the cat

April the cat

November the cat

May the wolf cat

January the cat

October the wolf

December the cat wolf

Katy perry the cat

Cosmic slash the cat

Languid the cat

Lava the cat

tapue the cat

Sapphire the wolf

Shiver the ice cat

Arcade the cat

Zendaya the cat

Shilder the kitty

Eh got lazy xD

Burn,Kayla,Blast. Are my main o.c's here are their bio's


Name: kathrine( she goes by Kayla for short also she doesnt really know her real name )

Age: 28 (she's died 4 times)

Height: 4"8 or 9

Personality: kind a really caring mom, loses temper fast,nosey in peoples busniues all the time,snoop, lonely, emo, punk, mental.

Relationship: married, to Weapon.

Anything else: has 5 or 4 siblings (haha i lost track) she is a vampire, mental pacient, singer, dancer, artist, demon, devil, angle, blood butterfly. About the vampire thing she really wants to bit her husband... .3. So watch out... Kayla was locked up for her mind shes mental she was locked up for 3 years. Kayla has teo daughters and a son


Name: Blast (Blast is just blast xD)

Age: 32 (hes only died twice)

Personality: kind, really funny, can really act retareded at some points.. .3. Loving dad, protective of his family.

Relationship: married. To constance(aka Cyclone)

Anything else: hes everything what kayla is except a butterfly ^^'

Bbl :D

Ok im bk xD








bday spark(john)










Neo ceLl(steven)








Toothless<3 (sister alex





Falln angle (JASPER!BF?)


Luna (Rita)

-----> tell me if i missed u ill add u in ;D or if u wanna be fir eds w/me!

The one day me and my friend got drunk off pop (ok it is possible suger rush)

Me: -after like 30 cans of pop- -hanging off the couch- look at me bitchs! Im playing on the mokey bars!!

my sisters lizard is staring at me*

Friend: e3e NARNIA!


Both: NARINIA! *runs in closet* NARNIA!


Ok her are my likes and dislikes


Marianas trench, hedley, josh ramsay, funny videos, love(pfft sorta), emo stuff, punk, colored skinny jeans, smell of paint and gas, glow sticks, acadia xD, oylimpics, canada,USA, funny people,comidies, blood xD

Dislikes: anything i didnt like xDDDD


Im watching rango xD

Ok BBL!!!


So hear are some songs i love to listen to


I listen to alot of music xD 24/7 lol im always playing music or singing so xDDD everytime im on my ipod or computer <:D

Lol i got back from a short break! :) it was awesome because me and my cousins went to Calgary and went to the Zoo and Calaway ^=^ we stayed at a best western hotel and ran up and down x3 the hotel in our bathing suits >:P when we went to calaway we went on the log ride geez that took forever to wait for a whole hour .-. Then we ate and the food was TERRIBLE. It was so gross. We went on more ride and stuff also we wanted to go on this huge rollarcoaster but a huge fuc king line up so we went on this ride beside it and waited for the ride to die down but then this huge snap came from the rollarcoaster so we freaked out and the maintance came out and started fixing it... We never did go on it xD. I went into this gift shop w/ Cole and Reid and we saw these happy pills and started teasing ried about them >:D i got my fadora(sp) cole got a snake x3 we drove home at 9:00 xD cause we shoped and got bk at 12:00 but there was this LONG train and we all started yelling xD it was FUNNY! Oh yeah me and cole started singing to "one last night" god it was funny then we started yelling to the rest and taking about sia xD and my friends . They came to our house and we went in the pool at supper all 6 of us did dares i dared jace and cole to jump in the pool xD they did. Then we went to drive race car things the next day and Kade went frist WE WENT SO SLOW XDDD it WAS FUNNEH! Then they went home :( daw... So yeah im bk i was really happy w/o hatena so im gonna quit soon :)

Oh yeah if u have a ipodtouch or ipad PLAY FISH W/ATTIDUTE! I also have the hunger games on DVD ewe yesh... We might get a new house..... FU DGE YEAH!!!!!FFFFF- ewe BOOOOOOP!

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