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hello my name is zara! glad ur on my profile!^^ heres about me & my oc's

my name: Alysa

age: 15

dating: dating Creature73

bio: i am nice,sweet,friendly,kind, funny

likes: being w/ and loves eric, hanging w/ friends,chatting, reading books, watch tv, play video games, making new friends,food, making flips, entering contests, paranormal, & doing rps

hates: annoying people,haters, n00bs, star beggers, stealers, FR's, spicy food,horror movies,rude people,people pick on me or friends, super annoying children, and ammature bossy people

heres my ocs....

name: zara

age: 15 (yuss same age as me XD)

dating: eric(Creature 73)

bio: shes a nice, sweet, funny and tough cookie chick and she loves her bf eric, and loves her bffs

power: physic

forms: human, demon(if mad or annoyed),angel, vampire,ghost(if depressed), wolf, and cat

u know all my humans oc (cant think of all them XD)

my sonic ocs

name: angel

age: 17

gender: female

type: hedgehog

relationship status: dating bluey (15.ben's oc)

form: lopbunny

bio: she's a nice,sweet,funny girl that can make a person smile or laugh

likes: being w/ bluey, ice cream, her sisters, her adopted daughter tracey

hates: all i hate....

name: northen lights (Aurora)

age: 16

type: hedgehog

relationship status: dating triag(another 15.ben's oc)

form: audino

bio: shes a nice yet shy girl that was abused,neglected, and abonded until angel and her sisters found her starved

likes: being w/ triag, cute animals, food, and hanging w/ angel

hates: all i hate..

cant name all since i will run of space -__-''

heres my fc on the 3ds: 3866-8529-9191

u can find me on certain website is this

nick.com: amyrose237

youtube: alysthornton14

yahoo: alyathornton@yahoo. com

that u can only see i'm making accounts to some websites.....

i got pokemon black but u have 2 chat w/ me in order 2 get my fc cuz i can beat u w/ my pokemon >:D

hurr durrr

news: nothing yet (maybe not be on tuesday)

P.S: i love to be ur friend but don't be to n00by about it :p so go ahead comment and a 50/50 chance i might respond

well bye.....


updated: 8/19/2012