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I live in Ohio and i love it!!! I have i have 2 sisters. One is 3 and the other is 10. i will be turned 11 in August. Im useing my moms acount to post flips but i made all the or edited all the flips or edit me's i posted. I dont have a full sister. I have the 3 year old thats my half sister and my step sister thats 10(but she acts like shes 2.) Shes yelling at my other sister as im writeing this. I have a german sheperd named Molly and about 3 snakes a turantula(i dont like it)and a bunch of fish.(the dog and the fish are mine.) my old dog spike had diabetes and had a stroke.I miss him sooooooo much... He passed away a year ago and it still seems like it was yesterday. Anyways i am in 6th grade and i love! i have soooo many new friends,but i still keep in touch with my old friends!

love you all my fans,