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Hello. I'm Invader Emi (Obviously). I sorta ran away from Irk to chase my Zimmy-boo on Earth. I'm trying to win Zim's heart, while the filthy big headed earth weasle Dib, is trying to win MY heart. Never gonna happen.:P My Sir unit is Tia,(Costume is a cat) and has a crush on Gir -_-. Great... Zim and earth will both be mine.

Ok, now some of the things likeing: 1987 Chevy Camaro's, Zim, Dib (WHAT'S HAPPENING?! I HATED HIM UNTILL YESTERDAY! D:), dogs, kitties, little girly things(Like plastic toy ducks and stuff) animating, drawing, Hatena, JB(>:D), writing; plays; short stoires; and novles about Zim, reading drama/horror books, zombies, ghost hunting(WHAT DID DIB TO TO ME?!)good music,my jeam(That's how she spells it, it's gym.) teacher, the Twilight series, the ICONic Boyz, Pokemon, ZaDr(I know, I'm crazy), learning Japanese, South Park, and animals.

Things I HATE with a very firery pasion: Adele, spiders,(Aracnaphobia), music under 1995, wanna-be-Jersey Shore-people, skool, math, my communications teacher, having your best friend move across the country, Ford's, and most people in my community.

When I say "Good Music", it's song that I like, Which are

Lose Yourself-Spikey Mikey (Re-did Eminem's)

Malchik Gay-t.A.T.u




All JB songs, (Don't like, don't listen, simple as that)

Holding My Last Breath-Evanescense

Sexy and I know It-LMFAO

What Makes Your Beautful-One Direction

It's Murder-Mayhem

Shooting Star- LMFAO, David Rush, Pitbull, AMP, and Kevin Rudolf.

And Sk8r Boi-Cascada remix

My O.C's include:

Emi- Who is my main O.C and has lighning bolts at the end of her antenna, which are pretty long.

Maya- Has somewhat lon blue antenna and thick,long,crooked eyelashes. Her shirt has a broken blue heart on it.

Naya-Maya's "Twin sister" Has long red antenna, crooked, short eyelashes, and a lighning bolt on her forehead. Her collar and sleeve tops are fuzzed up.

Mat-Emi's ex-"boyfriend". 1/2 of one antenna is missing due to war. His one shaded eye, he's blind in, and totally hates Earth, an Zim.

Charlotte- She has the heart-shapes at the end of her short antennas. She's also kinda curvy at the waist. Charlotte also lives with Emi and has no SIR, unless you count Tia as both of their's. :\

Anne- Anne is Emi's smeet (adopted from Bai). She's got the long, crazy antenna with the two little holes in each and so cute! :D Emi's soft side's kicking an as she cares of Anne.

Thunderonomous (Thunder or T)- She's the girl with the lightning bolt in her left cheek and has wings, but can choose to spread them when she wants. Dib created her for protection reasons, so she has a very pertective personaliy.

Ren-Ren- She's got the curved, arrow like antenna, one big eyelash, one little one, and a Hunger Games symbole on her shirt. don't like Hunger Games, my friend made hor for me cause I wanted a new charater.

Stellaluna (Stella)- She has a flower on her cheek and is a Faion, the species I made. She's NEVER caught dead without a dark red tank-top.

Natie-Boi- Checkerboard PAK, N on his shirt, and back collar, thing, on his neck. (Blue eyes BTW)

E-Boi- Black and red checkerboard PAK, same collar thing on his neck as Natie-Boi, and an E on his shirt. (Red Eyes)

Aaron- He's my Irken/Wolf hybrid. He also has a moon on his shirt. Aaron has the very timid personality, so he's VERY shy and easily scared.

Sprinklz- She's Thunderonomouse's kitten. She adopted her after finding her in the pouring rain. Sprinklz ran away from an animal testing lab.

My only SIR is Tia, who is fully functional except around GIR, has orenge eyes, and an orange cat costume.

Just thought I'ld point this out, my smeet day's Aug. 14. (8/14)

Updated 6/30/2012 ~Emi























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