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First Name: Lily

Middle Name: Seraphina

Nickname(s): Lil, Didi, Pibi

Home: Tonbridge, Kent, England, UK

Age: 12 (13 on 23rd July)

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Hanging out with friends and family

Interests: Lady Gaga, Manga, My Fish, Unicorns

Occupation: Student - Year 9

Dream Job: Secret Agent

Goal/Dream in life: To meet Lady Gaga

Pets: Lots of fish, water snails and Sea Monkeys

Relationship: Single

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Hair Style: Long, wavy, layered

Weight: 33kg

Height: 1.43m

Personality: Funny, Caring, Random

I am really annoyed because someone reported one of my flips (I have no idea which one) when it was COMPLETELY appropriate and now I have lost my citizenship! GRRRRRR!