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My chararcters:

Silent (Male, Cat.)

Echostar(Dream) (Female, Cat. Leader of DC.)

Dragonspirit (Female, Cat. Warrior in DC.)

Dragonclaw (Female, Cat.)

Poisonsoul (Male, Half-Blood. Cat & Vampire. Brother of Drone.)

Drone (Male, Cat. Brother of PoisonSoul.)

Kyoki (Female, Cat.)

Nightshadow (Female, Wolf. Sister of Darkpelt.)

Alagaesia (Female, Human/Elf)

Frost (Female, Cat.)

Darkpelt (Female, Wolf. Sister of Nightshadow.)

Tigergaze (Female, Cat. Warrior in DC. Sister of Echostar.)

Drake (Male, Wolf)

Subject 12 (Female, Cat.)

Dawnfeather (Female, Cat. Medicine Cat of DC.)

Smokescreen (Male, Cat. Warrior in MC.)

Agony (Male, Leader of TOLS)

Disord (Female, Cat.)

Alasse (Female, Cat.)

Dispair (Male, Cat.)

Cloak (Male, Cat.)

Dagger (Male, Cat.)

Suffering (Female, Cat.)

Highest Rank I've Been: 303