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Hello. I am Tiki Taco. My goal is to become a well-known flipnote animator. I am making many series including, Cromatatens Sword, Lost Story, Robot Wars, Leif and Leo, A Lost Story, and Open Season. Open Season will be my new main series. It will also take a long time to make. Robot Wars and Open Season are still in the making. All other series are on hold. I also will be making some random flipnotes and some Taco Bell Mayhem. I may also make stick figure fights or post old drawing attempts. I have also played piano for some time now. I might also post me playing different songs on the piano. I also made an imaginary "pet" named Leo. He is very easy to draw and animate. Leo is based on Kirby.... Kind of.... If you like my Flipnotes, you are free to add stars. "Colored stars are greatly appriciated too" I also like to make epic fails. NOTE Leo was not hurt in any of the animations...... or was he.

I hope you enjoy my series.