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Lance shantae Cocuski

Age 13 1\2

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Hi my name is Lance, im a true hearted person[as im told] who enjoys art, school, writing storys, friends, etc. BUT, if someone hurts me, or my friends. You wont be much of a pop star to me bub, ill ban you from seeing me. If you wanna meet me just leave a commet on one of my flipnotes. :)

Hair color: black

Eye color: hazil

Skin color: tan

T.L.C descripion

T.L.C is a red fire hegcat. He enjoys action and never does any bad. With his slight humor he always wins.

Lost Memories

The land was new, full of life. Before the human age there lived only animals, who lived like humans only less technical.Nature thrived living perfectly in time. We focus on the young prince of the red fire hegecat clan,T.L.C. His story will amaze your mind. But memories where being screambled, killing people. When memories are not correctly allined, the destroy the host. The culprit is unkown...

Year 1123 April 3

When he was young he lived with his father. His father was the king of his tribe. T.L.C loved his father, learning many things from his father. He never left his fathers sight, and never disobeyed his command. When he turned 7, his village was attacked... It was tragic. His father died protecting his village. But before he died he told his son 'T.L.C to never give up, t-take my sword and protect the innocent. grow to be a strong man build a new colony...

Ever since that day T.L.C promised to always do right, never wrong. Ten years later in his travel he found a perfect piece of land. Soft land, fresh water, and plenty of resourses.

Ah, i have found our new village father... So two months later he finished building the village. But he had no people to rule, he was the LAST of his people...

What do i do now? T.L.C asked.

Days went on,night after night T.L.C waited hoping to find a solution... Finnaly one late night, Lance was cooking some chicken soup... HELP, Yelled a voice. CRASH, KERBLAAM. T.L.C leaped to action, grabbing his sword and dashed to the scene. BOOM! T.L.C Spotted a young woman about his age being chased by what seemed to be a war tank! T.L.C attack with a single blow destroying the evil tank. The woman then fainted from stress. T.L.C examined her... Shes a fox... badly wounded to! T.L.C Quickly picked her up and pached her up in the medical bay. W-wow shes beautiful. T.L.C said in amazment.

Later.. the next day...

The young lady woke in confusion... W-were am? Ah your awake! you took quite a beating you know... T.L.C Said.

Who are you? the woman asked. my name is Emma. 'Emma' such a nice name T.L.C thought. My name is T.L.C of the hegecat clan. 'Hegecat clan' but I thought they were gone. Emma said. W-what do you know about the attack of my village! I was making visit to your village to learn the arts of defense, but its was attacked. So i ran to safty, i thought its was all destroyed. Emma explained. Well one survived, the king son which is me... Said T.L.C. I miss my father, if i had the chance to save him i would have. Emma welcome to the new village of the hegecat clan,you are welcome to stay as long as you wish. T.L.C insisted. Why thank you.. are there more villagers? Emma asked. No.. I was lucky to survive the attack. T.L.C said in despair. "He's brave,funny,nice...even cute, what do i make of him? Emma thought. Wait! I must ask, why was that tank afer you? T.L.C asked. My village was... Attacked by the same people who destroyed your village... Emma said. But i dont know if there ok. Emma said in decoragement. Then lets go check in them! T.L.C bravly said. What!?! how!?!Emma yelped. I vowed to protect the inocent, your people are inocent so im going to save them. T.L.C said. Your right, as the princess of the red tailed fox clan and prince of the hegecat clan we will save my people.

Emma spoke. WA!?! Princess?!? T.L.C said in confusion. Its ok, lets go! Emma said. Uh uh O.k!T.L.C said. T.L.C grabbed, his sword,grapple,smoke bome ,heatvision goggles. Packed some armory, food, and his porta home.Here use these chakrams. T.L.C said. Ok thank you T.L.C. Emma said.

The duo left the village, and sought out on a quest to save emmas village. will they survive? TO BE CONINUED...